Meet Your Top Members

Enhanced recognition for your most impressive Pals.

You folks are pretty spectacular. Every day, you connect with friends and strangers, new and old, all around the world. Some of you have been with Paltalk for two decades. It's about time you got some recognition.

Starting this month, your top members are going to know they're on top. At the end of each month, we're celebrating that month's amazing members with special callouts and featured status in your Paltalk notifications. You could even see your name in our app store pages! Want to snag a spot at the top? You've got three chances every month. For now, we're ranking Pals as follows:

  • The Most Generous — the member who sends the most Virtual Gifts
  • The Most Adored — the member who receives the most Virtual Gifts
  • The Most Valuable — the member with the most Crown Points

Keep an eye out for our monthly announcements. It could be your name up in lights!

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